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Evo Fabuloso Pro Blue Colour Intensifier 300ml


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PurposeTake control of your colour destiny. Don't subscribe to the meagre longevity of typical colour treatments and instead choose Evo Fabuloso Pro Blue Colour Intensifier, an elite salon means of retaining the vibrancy of your chosen shade. A custom conditioner of the highest quality, it utilises a natural formula without any damaging ingredients and sets to work returning radiance colour treated locks. Now everyone can get used to extended tone time and forget any fading fears thanks to the most intense option available.MethodWash and towel dry hair. Wearing gloves, apply Evo Fabuloso Pro Blue Colour Intensifier to hair. Wait 5-15 minutes, depending on desired colour intensity, then rinse until water runs clear. Condition hair. Why it worksEvo Fabuloso Pro Blue Colour Intensifier is fabulously natural, making massive amounts of difference to colour treated hair in a chemical-free manner. Instead of Sulphates and Parabens, this conditioner uses actual healthy ingredients like Lanolin for a non-disruptive means of keeping hair colour looking radiant. As a conditioner it excels, with Macadamia Oil keeping hair superbly sleek while returning rich vibrancy to your chosen shade.


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